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Premier Bets - High quality football tips!

I have tried many different betting systems over the years and unfortunately I have been disappointed most of the time after doing a longer evaluation of the services. The two most common reasons have been that I have lost money over a period of time as the quality of the betting tips has been poor and also it has been complicated to follow the tips as the odds have dropped at lightning speed or the betting item has been removed from the bookmaker due to lots of bets coming in on a lesser known market and league in a short period of time.

But after I heard about Steve Hudson about 2 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised. He is a man from England who has been involved in betting for 14 years and for the last 7 years has also been a professional tipster, helping other people to start making money from their betting. Because one thing is for sure, many people try but the truth is that most end up losing money to the betting companies in the long run. This is exactly what Steve realized and that's why he started up a betting service called Premier Bets.

What is Premier Bets ?

Premier Bets is a service that focuses solely on the great sport of football and their primary focus is also on beating the odds over time. Because to be a successful bettor you also need to have an "edge" over the bookmakers and I think the following sentence on their website describes it very well:

"The win rate is irrelevant if we can't beat the odds"

Which football leagues and markets does Premier Bets bet on ?

The Premier League is the main league, but major European leagues such as the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 will also be involved during the current seasons. Bets on minor leagues around the world will also occur from time to time when value is found.

The markets that Premier Bets focuses on 100% are the following:


Double Chance

Draw No Bet (money back in case of a draw)

Asian Handicap

Over/Under 2,5 goals

As the Winner and Asian Handicap markets have the lowest margins for the bookmakers, these two will be used quite often when they provide betting tips to their customers.

How are betting tips sent to customers ?

Here's one of the things that made me fall in love with this betting service. It's so extremely easy! There are really only 2 simple steps to follow and these are:

1. When you register, enter your e-mail address where you want the football tips to be sent to.

2. When you receive an email with new tips, just log in to your account and place the bets. You will be given clear instructions on what to bet on, how many points to stake (you choose how big a stake 1 point is etc) and finally what odds are recommended.

Regarding the "points", 1 point can be 1% of your total betting fund or a fixed amount such as 100€. It's up to you and for me: 1 point = 50€.

How much does Premier Bets cost ?

You can currently choose between 2 different options. The first is a monthly subscription which at the time of writing costs £14.95. The second option, and the one I use myself to save some money, is to pay for a 1 year membership. This currently costs £67 and then you only pay €5.58 per month. Very good value considering the high quality of this betting system.


I am a very satisfied customer myself and my betting account has gradually increased since I started using Premier Bets, so I would like to take this opportunity to recommend it to others who are also interested in football and betting. I love the simplicity where you get the tips sent to your Email address and then it only takes about 10 minutes to place the bets at your betting company.

To get the best possible odds available, it's not a bad idea to have several different bookmakers, but if you only want 1, this will work fine too.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you are interested in more detailed information about Premier Bets and how to become a customer, you can find it here.

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